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Aim: To select the correctly spelt text
You see a picture and five versions of the vocabulary that accompanies it. Select the text that is spelt correctly to win points.

The Spelling game to learn Measurement

The Spelling game asks the learner to click on the correctly spelt instance of the German topic text from a selection of 5 possible answers.

With our The spelling game game for "Measurement" you will be learning the German vocabulary for the topic Measurement. The language you will learn is in the vocabulary list below, and consists of 20 Words used to describe the amount or number of things.

1eine Dosea tin of..
2eine Flaschea bottle of..
3ein Glasa jar of..
4ein Sacka sack of..
5eine Tütea packet of..
6eine Schachtela box of..
7eine Tubea tube of..
8eine Tragetaschea bag of..
9ein Teelöffela teaspoon of..
10ein Esslöffela tablespoon of..
11eine Prisea pinch of..
12ein Halber half
13drei Viertelthree quarters
14ein Viertelquarter
15ein Dutzenda dozen
16ein Paara pair of..
17ein Stücka slice of..
18ein halber Literhalf a litre of..
19ein Litera litre of..
20ein Kiloa kilo of..

Spelling is a key aspect of being able to write in German (as with any other language of course). Our Spelling Game is a simple activity to help beginners learning German to improve their spelling and word recognition skills with vital vocabulary they will need day to day in learning and using the language.

This Spelling Game does not rely on the learners typing in the vocabulary themselves. Rather, the learner must choose the vocabulary that is correctly spelt from a list of 5 very similar sentences or nouns (varying by only one letter). This is more difficult than it sounds and initially can take some time. Learners will gradually find the task easier as they continue practicing the activity.

The Spelling Game encourages faster word recognition for common and vital words and short sentences. The Spelling Game also improves the spelling skills of beginners learning German.

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How to play the Spelling game to learn Measurement in German

Play The spelling game to learn German at

The Spelling game asks the learner to click on the correctly spelt instance of a text from a selection of 5 possible answers.

  1. Click on PLAY to start playing.
  2. You are presented with a topic picture and a list of 5 similar words or sentences (depending on the topic you have chosen).
  3. You must select the correct text by clicking on it.
  4. To hear an audio recording of the vocabulary, click the picture.
  5. A score is kept of correct answers against number of answers.
  6. The game is timed, and a final score and time are presented at the end of the game.
  7. To repeat the game, simply click the 'Play again' button at the end of the game.
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